Why Travel Clothes Are The Best For The Daily Grind

written by Charles August 26, 2017
daily travel clothes

I started out like most, I bought my clothes at discount stores like Ross or Old Navy. After all, for most of us this is where our parents took us as kids, why change something you know? For kids, these types of stores make sense. Kids grow, you outgrow the old, and the start of the school year shopping continues. Kid’s don’t need travel clothes.

Well kids grow up and coincidentally we stop growing as well. Welcome to adulthood! Don’t fret though! This means we can finally invest in quality over quantity.

Another benefit? Let me break down a scenario and see if it sounds familiar.

The alarm rings at 6AM, some shuffling happens and something of a zombie shuffles out of bed. Take your morning shower, brush your teeth, floss (at least the dentist tells me I should).

Move on a few more minutes and somehow make it back to the closet. This is where the fun begins! What should I wear? What combos look good? So many decisions!

Well remember those bold words earlier? Let’s repeat them for good measure. Quality over Quantity! It is so much easier to get ready in the morning when you have a select few of clothes that, look good on you and are comfortable to wear.

There are many types of quality of clothes to choose from. But, a recent trip I had planned to Ireland had me thinking a bit differently. I wanted travel clothes that I can fit into ONE backpack. To be exact, a 40-liter backpack. I know this doesn’t sound very extreme to some of you, while it sounds like I’m crazy to the other half.

These “travel clothes” on a whole, were actually pretty damn ugly. I am 28 years old, but I have been caught up into the “techwear” and have got my old man looks on! Well lucky for me, I have a girlfriend. This friendly, lovely girlfriend just happens to let me know when I am rocking my old man look!

It took some searching but there are actually normal looking travel clothes. So normal in fact that, I thought, why not just wear these every day? Well I did exactly that, I bought some of these normal looking travel clothes and sure enough, they are the bee’s knees!

What makes them so great?

The Fabric

clothing fabric

It just so happens that travel clothes are designed with fabrics that have a few beneficial qualities for everyday life. They are wrinkle resistant, who doesn’t like to iron? This guy! They are odor resistant. What can I say, I like to smell…not bad? Smelling good is, good!



 Less Washing

No Washing

The odor resistance thing? It actually means you can wash your clothes less. I know this sounds gross at first, but it’s true.

Just hang that shirt up after wearing it and the next day it smells like new. Pretty amazing, right?

Multi-functionaldifferent uses

These clothes can do it all. Take you hiking through mountains, forests, deserts. Follow up with a pub and a few beers. Finish up with work in the morning. There are actual clothes that can do it all, it’s pretty freakin amazing!


What’s the catch?

Well, travel clothes usually cost more. Let’s repeat the bolded letters one more time, Quality over Quantity. This idea takes some investment, but the good news is you can start 1 piece at a time. Start with something that you wear the most. I started with pants, as it was the easiest piece to fit for me.

Once you start, you’ll start falling in love with this idea and your closet will slowly be replaced by travel clothes.

This minimalist take on your wardrobe will slowly take you over.

Stay tuned for my next post about shoes. I start from the ground up for the complete travel wardrobe.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing right now? Share it in the comments below and tell me why it is your favorite.

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