The Barefoot Shoe for Every One of Life’s Adventures

written by Charles September 12, 2017

I have a bit of a barefoot shoe obsession. This has resulted in trying out many different brands and I have found certain brands do the best for certain categories.

My list:


Vivobarefoot does the best job of having the do it all daily life shoe. Specifically, their Gobi II and Ra II. These shoes are great for travel, work, or a night out.

RA II – My favorite work shoe. Low cut, roomy, airy. Still offer some rain protection while looking good.

Gobi II – My favorite travel shoe. Chukka style, very versatile, a great one-shoe for travel. They are warmer due to the chukka cut on them so not as ideal for hotter weather.

Soft Star Shoes

Best bang for your buck. Handmade, high quality leather for an affordable price. The toe box is slightly more cramped as the leather “hugs” your toes.

Chukka – I do love these shoes, but the toe box was just too tight for me. I tried a wide size and a size too big but neither fit my foot quite right. Still worth trying as you can’t beat their quality.

Lems Shoes

The best sneaker. The Lems Primal 2 is a great athletic sneaker. They also have the best tall boot, the Boulder boot.

Primal 2 – Best casual sneaker. Great for going around town about your daily routine.

Boulder Boot Leather – This is my favorite muck boot or work boot. The toe stitching does let small amounts of water in, so unfortunately not waterproof. Still good to take the dog out or mow the lawn in.

Xeros Shoes

The best sandals that don’t go between your toes. Best barefoot athletic shoe. This brand has slightly stiffer soles but come with a 5000 mile sole warranty.

Prio – Top athletic sneaker. Slightly overbuilt, not as much airflow as I would like, but built to last.

Hana – Good canvas casual shoe, I use them to bike with since they have the stiffer sole.

Z-trek/trail – Great sandals, very comfortable. I like that nothing is between your toes. They do look a bit like gladiator sandals but that doesn’t stop me. The trek are very minimal and my go-to summer sandal. I don’t have the trail, but I do want them to hike in for the summer as the trek are just too minimal for anything rough.

Luna Sandals

Best sandals that do go between your toes. I don’t personally own any but I have heard great things.

Chronology Shoes

The Allen Edmond of the barefoot world. I don’t need professional dress shoes for my work but if I did I would be getting a pair of these. Price seems fair for the quality described.

Vibram Toe Shoes

I’ll include them just cause. They are great for running/exercise if you don’t care what you look like. For travel? No I wouldn’t be caught dead in them.

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